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About Us

Our main objective is to be an emergency service provider of choice by offering relevant, suitable and innovative solutions which are customer focussed and long term sustainable.

From our Customer Service Department, Dispatch, Field Personnel, Billing and Maintenance Department, we have consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to the clients we serve and communities in which we provide service. We do believe that our people are our most valuable resource and most important asset. Buthelezi E.M.S shall perform those services as requested by you.

Our Services

A solid foundation helps to shape our future:

Response Time

We specifically undertake to respond with speed, urgency and efficiency at all times. All patients are taken to the nearest appropriate Hospital or as requested by a contractor.

Qualified Paramedics

Buthelezi E.M.S staff is highly qualified with considerable experience.All our crews are registered with HPCSA and carry their registration cards at all times and poses a valid Professional Drivers Permits.

Emergency Support

Our reputation as a leading medical transportation provider has been built on dependable and high quality emergency service and commitment to our clients.

Ambulances & Helicopters in Perfect Condition

All vehicles are regularly serviced, roadworthy and registered as national Ambulances and our helicopters are always in perfect condition to carry out emegergency services.

Our Transport Services

Types of transport services we provide at Buthelezi E.M.S






Obstetrics Vehicle


Paramedic Vehicle


Rescue Vehicle


Planned Patient Transport

Contact Us

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